Marco Lodadio Inspire Collection

#youmustbethechampion is the new collection of training leotards and technical t-shirts inspired by the great champion Marco Lodadio. The embroidery reproduces the tattoo that Marco has on his breast., inspiring him to reach higher and higher results and making him the Champion he is today. That same inspirational words are reproduced on the blue and white leotard and on the technical training T-shirt with trendy colors petrol blue and black, inspiring athletes to reach higher and higher results. Made of high-tech fabrics, breathable and comfortable, these clothes are made for intense training sessions of great champions This collection, conceived in collaboration with Marco Lodadio, Sigoa brings its fashion touch to the world of male gymnasts: strong performance and aesthetic glamour perfectly match in these creations, to be completed soon with new pieces.


    GOLD FLAMES. Linear leotard made for Fiamme Oro whose burgundy, gold and blue colors recall the uniform of the italian State Police. The body is sleeveless without borders and has small central embroideries on the front illuminated by Preciosa crystal rhinestones.